Dioctyl terephthalate (DOTP)

Dioctyl terephthalate (DOTP) is the most common plasticizer of the terephthalate family. This oil is the result of the esterification process between terephthalic acid and hexanol alcohol. DOTP is an oily liquid with high transparency, inconspicuous smell and as the most widely used and also the most economical plasticizer after DOP, with the difference that it is not from the phthalate family, and this is the reason why it is used in the production of a wide range of PVC products as Softener is used. Khorram Plastic Company, as one of the largest producers of this oil and by using modern technology and expert staff, has been able to make an important contribution to the domestic production of this product with an annual production capacity of 10,000 tons.
Standard the unit Value  Properties
Internal Method Colorless – clear liquid Appearance
ASTM-D-1045-86 HU 20 Max Color
ASTM D-1045 KOH mg/g 0.02 Max acidity
ASTM-E-203 wt.% 0.1 Max amount of water
ASTM-D-1045-86 1,444 – 1,450 Refractive index
ASTM-D-1045-86 gr/cm³ 0.984-0.986 density
Internal Method °C -45 melting point
Internal Method °C 230 MIN flash point
Packaging type and specification: barrel and bulk